Growing Community

It has been ten months since i created id-slackware mailing list using a free service from GoogleGroups. Currently, it has around 200 members from all around Indonesia. They came from different background and we all share about Slackware in our daily activities. Some of the members are using Slackware for servers, but others used it for primary desktop operating system (including me).

I never thought that we would grow this big, but thanks to the members, we are able to gather in one place to discuss about Slackware and give support to those who have just migrated to Slackware (whether it's from Windows or any Linux distribution). We welcome all of you big hug

I would also say thank you PV for his dedication building and maintaining Slackware for more than 10 years up to now. It has evolved from a "scary" Linux distribution (well, it's not that scary, but for most people in Indonesia, they thought so in the early version of Slackware) into a user-friendly Linux distribution, mostly when 12.0 comes out with kernel 2.6.x and also big changes to the desktop, like auto-mount feature, better hardware support, and many other big changes introduced during development process.

With the release of 12.1, it showed that Slackware keeps evolving and it's getting more fans here in Indonesia. I have seen it myself. Some of my students are willing to try to use Slackware instead of other Linux distribution (i never forced them to use Slackware though). May this good community keep growing in the future....

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