Slackware 12.1 Real Soon

While it's not yet officially released right now, but if you look at the -Current tree, it already contained an Announcement and also Release Notes for the next 12.1 release. Meaning that in the next few days, the final Slackware 12.1 will be released, as Pat and the rest of the Slackware team may have to update the website, preparing the mirrors to hold the new ISO, prepare the store for new subscriptions, and many things to be dealt to make sure everything worked as planned.

Slackware 12.1 is a result of nine month of development cycle by Slackware contributors around the world coordinated with Patrick Volkerding as the man in charge of all decisions that goes in and out of Slackware tree.

Continuing from previous Slackware 12.0 release, this release is the best Slackware release ever as it still hold the tradition to be a KISS-based Linux distribution, while keeping the application up-to-date without sacrificing the security of the whole system.

Please welcome to new baby, Slackware 12.1 party

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