Poll Results : KDE Wins

OK, March has ended and so does the Poll. Last month's question was "What Is Your Favorite Desktop Manager?" and here's the results:
  • KDE 126 (52%)
  • GNOME 44 (18%)
  • XFCE 25 (10%)
  • IceWM 2 (0%)
  • Blackbox 2 (0%)
  • Fluxbox 27 (11%)
  • Fvm 2 (0%)
  • Windowmaker 7 (2%)
  • Others 7 (2%)
And the winner for last month's Poll is KDE. It was voted by more than 50% of the voters (126 out of 242). I was quite surprised, since in some forums, i noticed that most Slackware users do not use KDE very often. I had some thoughts that not all visitors of this blog uses Slackware, and probably are using other Linux Distribution as well, so it's a global poll rather than specific to Slackware.

Well, it's over now and i'll be posting this month's poll in short time. Just be patient big grin

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