Monday, March 10, 2008

Typo in the Mount Option

When i read the -Current changelog about the inclusion of NTFSPROGS and FUSE, i'm very happy, since the next Slackware release will contain NTFS read/write support by default (along with many other improvements that has been integrated in the -Current development). Many other Linux distribution have supported this by using NTFS-3G. Now, we are equals to other distribution and it makes Slackware 12.1 is more user friendly for normal users like i do, since most of the basic needs has been supported (beginning from 12.0 which gives you auto-mounting through HAL and recompiled KDE and XFCE and now more features in -Current).

However, you must note one thing about the mount option. In the ChangeLog, Pat wrote that you can use mount with "-t ntfs.fuse" option to mount your NTFS partition. However, when i cross-checked with the NTFSPROGS manual online, it's not the right option. The manual stated that you use "fuse.ntfs" for the option (the ntfsmount part is correct). So there's a typo in the ChangeLog, but since it's not possible to re-edit the ChangeLog after it has been published (actually, editing it is very possible, but it could break scripts who parsed the changelog automatically), so it wasn't updated.

So i hope you won't get confused about why couldn't you have read/write support on NTFS partition using the option mentioned in the -Current Changelog even after installing FUSE and NTFSPROGS. The installer part is still correct, so the typo only applies to those who uses -Current on existing systems, not in the fresh installation.

Pat, sorry for bothering you with this silly typo not worthy