Poll Results

Well, it's been a nice and lovely month and the poll has stopped receiving votes from all of you Slackers. Thanks to everybody who contributes to this votes as it claimed as the highest record on my blog (184 voters). The question was "How Do You Install Non Officials Packages?" and the results are as follow:
  • Using SlackBuilds (52 - 27%)
  • Get from LinuxPackages.Net (46 - 25%)
  • Get from Slacky.eu (107 - 58%)
  • Get from other Repository (10 - 5%)
  • Compiled it from source (74 - 40%)
  • Convert from RPM/DEB (17 - 9%)
All of my options are voted, but as usual, we always have a winner, so this month poll's winner is the third option, Get from Slacky.eu.

FYI, Slacky.eu is an Italian Slackware community that has wide community (if you are looking at the poll results above, you will see what i mean) and it's not coming just from Italian people. They gave SlackBuilds script to compile the source code and turn it into tgz packages which is the native Slackware format so that you can easily manage them using installpkg/upgradepkg/removepkg commands. Although the website is build using Italian language, most of the package name are still reserved in English, so i guess you won't find it hard to find the packages you are looking for.

I know that the options listed here are not the only ways of installing a package in Slackware Linux, but i guess it can accommodate the most common ways to install third party packages. I hope this results are fine with all of you and see you in the next poll (which will come up shortly)

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