Installing Apple Safari on Slackware

After a failure on first trial, i tried to find other information on how to install Safari browser on Linux. I recently found this blog which has successfully installed Safari on Ubuntu. From it, i know that i need several Windows' font and it's mandatory in order to run Safari correctly. Since my desktop has dual boot with Windows XP, i can easily grab the fonts needed (without installing msttcorefonts package) and place it under .wine/drive_c/windows/fonts directory.

Next is installing Safari as usual. Don't tick anything. Don't install bonjour or anything else. Just a plain installation will do. And after that, voila... my Slackware has Apple Safari.

The titlebar and most of the UI is still screwed up, since i used Wine and not in it's native supported platform. Kyle said that by using Wine, Safari is still unable to work with https connections and bookmarks and i can proof that. Look at the screenshot below (click for larger view). The donation button is not loaded, since it uses HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. I'm not planning to switch to Safari in Linux, so i don't care about the bookmark. It's purely for testing purposes big grin

Thank you Kyle for the heads up.

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