Every Upgrade Have Consequences

Yesterday, Pat pushed a huge amount of changes in -Current. As always, big changes sometimes breaks something and yes, i finally got one application that broke after the upgrade. It's not Slackware's official packages, so don't blame Pat on this big grin

I used Liferea as my default RSS Aggregator application. It works very nice, easy to install, and all i need is already there. In simple words: Liferea works for me. Previously, i used the stable version of Liferea, 1.4.13 by compiling it from source (i know that the Slackbuilds exists for this package, but no big difference for me).

This morning, i tried to launch Liferea and it didn't launched. So i tried to execute it on konsole and i got a shared library error messages saying that gnutls library was nowhere to be found. No wonder, Pat upgrades GnuTLS packages yesterday, so i need to recompile the application again. So i grabbed the unstable version 1.5.1 and tried it out (Stable works fine. It's just i wanted to try the new one). The requirements for 1.5.1 is the same as the 1.4.x, so if you have 1.4.x running, you won't have much problems installing 1.5.x.

After 1 minutes of compiling, it finally finished and i have no problem launching it. By default, Liferea 1.5.1 works in Offline mode, so it won't grab any updates at all. You must untick the offline mode in Subscriptions > Work Offline. The new version offers quite a lot of new features, like new icons, advanced searching, attention profile, better handling on plain text content, and many more. It's described in Liferea's Blog. The new version also does the migration smoothly. I don't have to re-import my old feeds at all. They do it automatically.

Here's the new look of Liferea 1.5.1

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