Compiz and OOo Impress

After testing the latest compiz packages in -Current in the last several days, i finally tried the new desktop on my class. This is the first time i used the desktop effects in my class. My students were all amazed with the desktop effects and they asked me how to achieve this at the end of the class.

This is one simple example of promoting Linux to students which are used to Windows. They can get similar effects by using Microsoft Windows Vista, but that would require higher specs. With Linux, all you need is a VGA card that supports 3D acceleration and installing the required packages and drivers. That's all. In most operating system, it's automatically installed by default.

Unfortunately, i found a glitch on the compiz (well, i don't know whether it's compiz or my configuration that were faulty, but i only use default configuration). When i ran the Impress and press the full screen button (F5), KDE's Taskbar is not hidden behind the presentation slide. This was not the default behavior before i used compiz. I tried to make it hidden, but i don't like this approach. It supposed to be behind the presentation slides.

I will try to investigate this further when i have free time this week. I'm hoping that this problem will be solved ASAP, since it's annoying to see that taskbar in top of the full screen presentation (it's not full screen anymore big grin)

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