Poll Results

Ok, i know i forgot to make a summary of the poll that has ended last night, so here's the final results of the poll. The question is What is Your Favorite Package Management? and i gave 6 options, but at the end, only 4 who was voted by the audience and here's the results:
Pkgtool 45 (42%)
Slackpkg 20 (18%)
Swaret 12 (11%)
Slapt-Get 29 (27%)
SlackMan 0 (0%)
GetPKG 0 (0%)

The winner is Pkgtool with 42%, the default Slackware package manager tool. It seems that people still like the default application, even though it's lacking of automatic download, automatic dependency solver, and many more compared to automatic tools such as Swaret and Slapt-Get.

The runner up is Slapt-Get, with 27%. Even though it's not an official package in Slackware, people seems to like this tools, as it can automatically download the updates and install it for you. Even so, it's best to use this tool for -Stable release only. DO NOT use this kind of tools when you are playing with -Current and you KNOW what you are doing with it. I have seen many people screwing their system just because they use automatic tools like this and misconfigured them.

I will post a new questions in short....

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