Appraisal from KDE's Team

Here's what i got from PlanetKDE about Slackware:
Slackware: Well, my recent post somewhat illustrates Slackware's long-term commitment to KDE. Slackware has outlived most other distros, and tries to keep things simple, and unpatched where ever possible. If you are looking for a 'virgin' KDE, and don't have issues with occasionally having to much around in the bash prompt, I highly suggest slackware. Reporting bugs form slackware's KDE packages are appreciated by most KDE maintainers, as the KDE in slackware is pretty much exactly the KDE that we issue from SVN.
It's true that Slackware mostly shipped packages in their true form, meaning that no patches were included. So don't expect to have a fancy patched packages in Slackware. Patches are included whenever it's considered necessary.

Unfortunately, it seems that PV patched KDE's konsole and many people didn't know about this. I got this news from LQ and it was Robby who posted that news after there's a post stating that KDE 4's Konsole didn't have the same behavior with KDE 3's konsole. It seems that Konsole in KDE 4 doesn't support --ls option.

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