Slackware Basic

For some time, SlackBook has been an official guide for Slackware users. No matter you are newbie or expert, most Slackware users will refer to SlackBook when they were asked about something basic. Unfortunately, SlackBook is no longer updated and the Slackware version being used is about 9.1 if i'm not mistaken. Slackware has evolved so much since Slackware 9.1, so there's a need for replacement.

It's a long wait until finally Slackware Basic comes up with a revised article that was previously made for Slackware 10.2 and now it has been updated for Slackware 12.0. I hope it can cover much areas that are new in Slackware 12.0 and further development of Slackware.

I will ask for translations in Indonesian language for Slackware-ID community. I hope it will get a good response.

Update (22 Jan 2008 : 21:08): I got a reply today from the author, Daniel de Kok. Here's my request and his answer:
-- My Request --
I (representing Indonesian Slackware community) would like asking for your permission to translate SlackBasic documentation that you have made into Indonesian Language. Is it OK with you?

Last year, we have finished translating the SlackBook and results are very good. People in Indonesia can read them while they are using Slackware, but as you know, it's kindda out-dated. I saw that SlackBasic is based on 12.0, so i guess it's more up to date than SlackBook

-- Daniel's Answer --
Thanks for your interest in SlackBasics! It would be great if you can translate the book in Indonesian, it's ok with me as long as the license (as listed on the table of contents page) is kept in translated versions.

Great work, thanks for contributing to the Slackware community in such a major way!

With kind regards,
Daniel de Kok

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