Ink Detection

I was looking my Liferea application when i found this interesting news. I thought it was impossible to have ink level detection on Linux, but it seems that it was possible to do that, since there are two applications that help user to know the status of their printer's ink. MTink and libinklevel are the applications that you need. The first application only works for Epson, but the second one works for most vendor.

I tried to install linkinklevel from SlackBuild which works perfectly, but it's only a library. I will need a front end that utilize this library. The same developer developed Ink, but this is what i got so far:

root@desktop:/home/willysr/ink# ink -p usb
ink v0.4.1 © 2007 Markus Heinz

Printer not supported.
Could not get ink level

Since it relies on libinklevel, the printer supported also depends on libinklevel, which is shown on their website and it seems that my printer (Canon Pixma 1880) is not yet detected. Perhaps the developer is willing to add this printer support in the future big grin

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