End of Year Poll Results

Well, it's new year and the time for the poll has ended. Here are the results from approximately 102 voters about the most problematic hardware:
  • Video Card 25 (24%)
  • Sound Card 14 (13%)
  • Internal Modem 19 (18%)
  • Removeable Devices 6 (5%)
  • Web Camera 21 (20%)
  • Digital Camera 6 (5%)
  • Bluetooth 10 (9%)
  • Printer 23 (22%)
  • Scanner 13 (12%)
  • WiFI 33 (32%)
It seems that WiFI is the most problematic for most people, even though it's becoming easier these days, as most of the drivers are already included in the kernel, for example Centrino series (IPW2100, IPW2200 and some part of IPW3945) and Broadcom series (through bcm43xx drivers). Some modules does need to be installed separately, for example Atheros through MadWifi and some other will require ndiswrapper and Windows' driver in order to make it work.

We are hoping for a better driver support for Linux in the future (starting on this year), so hopefully, we can have a nice and running operating system out of the installation process. Personally, i'd like quite some challenge before i can get my perfect system, but for some people, minimum configuration is likely what they wanted.

Stay tune for the next poll that will arrive shortly...

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