Testing Firefox 3 Beta 2

I was interested by the release of the new Firefox 3 Beta 2, so i decided to grab the binary version for Linux version and test it under my Slackware system. In Linux version, there's no installation process needed, so all you need to do is extract and then run the binary and it will work as expected. Well, all of my current extension is not enabled due to incompatibility issues, but it's not a big problem as the version here is still beta, so the developer still has lots of time to update their code to be compatible with the final version of FF 3. I also have the plain FF interface since my theme is also disabled.

One thing i wanted to try with this version is the ACID2 test. Asa noted that FF 3 has passed the test long before IE 8 passed the test in 12 December. I tried the test and i got this results (see below). You see that there's one part where it doesn't displayed well. Someone named supernova_00 at MozillaZine said that the problem is not with FF, but the hosting that returns 404 error pages, causing the image is not displayed correctly as expected. I really hope that they will fix this so the correct result of FF 3 Beta 2 can be achieved correctly.

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