Upgrading to

Today, i was so tired, but i spent my spare time to compile the latest -Stable kernel, which has some important fixes described in their Changelog. I compared the compilation between my laptop and my desktop and guess who's the winner?

Of course my laptop won it big grin It has 1 GB of RAM while my desktop only have 512 MB. My desktop's processor is faster, but i guess amount of RAM has more influence when you are compiling. I ran the process in one step (we can do that by using ";" to separate each process) and when the laptop was done, my desktop is still compiling /drivers/usb laughing

I also had some problems when i wanted to build a tgz package for sshutout package. It comes with a default Makefile, so you don't use ./configure as usual, just make and make install. Due to no ./configure script, my SlackBuild script changed the owner of my home directory to root users, so i had problems starting my KDE application, since it couldn't wrote to my home directory. I had to open my laptop to see the correct permission and that's the reason why i start compiling my kernels (i rarely login to my Slackware on my laptop lately, so when i had time, i do lots of software maintenance). Finally, i managed to fix the permission problem, plus i got a new shinny kernels on my system batting eyelashes

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