Upgraded to

I just came back from Kedai Kopi in Kaliurang st. where i must accompany my girlfriend for her business meeting. Since i came back from lecturing, i brought my laptop with me. I took the time when they were start talking to upgrade my Slackware system to the latest -Current, including the kernel. At the beginning, my girlfriend was confused about the display of my laptop, since i didn't boot to X Window. I prefer to use console because it's faster and i don't want to spend too much power just to load X Window where i could do the process in terminal.

First, I upgraded the kernel-headers package and then i compile the kernel from the source (vanilla). It took me about 20-30 minutes to finish the compilation (including reboot and installing NVidia driver again). Lucky me, the battery was full, so i could do some testing after installing the new kernel.

So my laptop is fully sync with -Current, except that i used custom kernel rather than using Slackware's default kernel stock. Next will be upgrading my desktop system big grin

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