My First SlackBuild

I have been using Slackware for about two years and in this period, i have used lots of packages made by SlackBuild (from official Slackware repository or any other repository). I never thought that building my own SlackBuild is very challenging, so last night, i tried to make my first SlackBuild script. The package i choose was bmon. Here's the description about the project:
bmon is a portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator running on various operating systems. It supports various input methods for different architectures. Various output modes exist including an interactive curses interface, lightweight HTML output but also formatable ASCII output.

Statistics may be distributed over a network using multicast or unicast and collected at some point to generate a summary of statistics for a set of nodes.
I use PV's SlackBuild and then i modified it to make this package works well on Slackware 12.0 (probably also in earlier version, but i didn't try it out, as i only have one version installed). Well, the result is great and i have upload it to Indonesian SlackBuild repository. I hope this package will be quite useful for everyone running a server.

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