Upgrading to 2.6.23

Since the final kernel 2.6.23 has been released, i'm upgrading my kernel to the latest version. Right now, i'm compiling it on my laptop and in the next few minutes, i will start running 2.6.23 big grin

Desktop will follow soon...

Update (17:20 PM) : It seems that the legacy NVidia driver (1.0-9631 and probably other old legacy releases) is having some problem with the latest kernel 2.6.23. I couldn't build the NVidia driver (probably due to changes in the kernel source), so i upgraded using 96.43.01 and it fixed my previous bug which i submitted to NVidia when i logged out from KDE. Thank goodness it is finally fixed (even though in the legacy drivers).

I don't know for sure, but i think 2.6.23 is slower than 2.6.22. I think the boot time increases for a few seconds and it took more time to execute some application. I'm not very sure about this. I need more test on the performance of the new shinny kernel big grin

Btw, i'm uploading my config file just in case someone else need a quick working configuration (at least on my laptop). In most cases, i answered m (build as modules), so it has big supports on most hardware, so in case you want to build a slim kernel, you will have to modify the configuration first.

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