Running Slackware Yihaaaaa.....

KDE 3.5.8
So i'm too curious to try out Slackware-Current so i just performed an upgrade to Slackware-Current and everything works smoothly, even though i had some problems with glibc-i18n (the package was corrupt, so i had to re-download it again from text-mode using links). Besides that, everything was working as expected (this is one reason i like using Slackware. You can perform an upgrade to the development tree without major problem). The only thing that worries me before i perform an upgrade was about this:
PLEASE NOTE: There are a few known problems with this release.
Please let us know if you have solutions to any of these.
1. xf86-video-vesa was not upgraded for the X.Org 7.3 release, and running Terminal or vte under KDE results in an X hang under KDE, or garbage in the terminal under XFce.
Lucky me, my system didn't use vesa driver, so i didn't experience this kind of problem. Other thing mentioned in LinuxQuestions didn't happened in me, so i guess it was a smooth upgrade (despite the lots of packages to be updated) big grin

The only thing left is to upgrade my kernel to to sync with the current tree, but i guess that can wait. It's only one fix and i don't use SATA, so i guess it can wait for now. We'll wait for bigger updates later on.

My single problem now is that my num lock LED is not turned on even though is active already. I think it has to do with new XOrg packages. My CAPS LOCK LED is also broken crying

Update (19:44): It seems it's a known issue. It happened not only in my system only. I found this thread on Gentoo Forum and FreeBSD and also in the XOrg

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