OpenProj : Project Management In Linux

For some time, i was wondering, is there any good alternatives for Microsoft Project? I have searched some open source application, but most of them are not capable of opening files that were made by Microsoft Project. More over, they have limitations on the application itself, meaning, they only support some of the important core features that is available on Project.

The searches continues until this morning. I found this project, OpenProj. It's a free, open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project and it's available on Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS. It's Java-based application, so you will need to install JRE or JDK before you can start using this application. I have installed this application and yes, it reads Microsoft Project's files correctly and quite well. The only problem is that when you use it for simple project which usually happened in few hours. OpenProj seems to use days as the minimum time frame.

This application has some features that are quite usefull, such as WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) generator. It can shows you the detailed activities you have made on your plan along with the cost (if you have provide the cost for each of the task).

The developer, Projity also provides a web-based application, called Project-On-Demand. It's a commercial service which enables you to work together with other people around the world, since all of your data will be stored in their servers.

It's a great application and i recommend this application, even though it's still in Beta version (Beta 5). Well, i just hope that they can fix the minimum time frame to days, or perhaps hours.

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