More Slackware Mirror

As Ozzie have said in his blog, there are several unofficial Slackware mirrors (i said it's unofficial, since Ozzie has tried to contact the person in charge of maintaining the mirrors in Slackware site, but he never put Ozzie's request on the site, so it's called unofficial, but don't worry about that. It just simply works and it's the same as the other mirrors). Most of them are connected to IIX and OpenIXP connection, so it should be very fast when accessed in Indonesian territory (for those who are outside Indonesia, you might get better service by accessing nearest mirror where you live, since you have bigger bandwidth than us in Indonesia in most cases).

I hope this will improve Slackware's adoption in Indonesia. We will keep promoting Slackware is the best option for your server AND your desktop (hey, Slackware is also care about desktop users now, if you haven't notice that). Join our discussion or share with us. We are waiting for your contribution big hug

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