Installing aMule

Last night, i tried to install eMule client on my Slackware box. The reason why i need to install eMule client is that i had to download a file which is available on eMule network (at least when i found the file). The site recommended aMule or xMule for Linux platform, so i tried both of them. I grab the source code and compile it manually, but it always failed. After looking for some information, it seems that the current version was having problem with WxGTK 2.8 and above (i use 2.8.5). Finally i grab the binary package from LinuxPackages (it's only available for Slackware 11 though). I install the package and it still won't work.

I ran some debug by running it from the terminal and found out that it needs some library, called libfbd. I checked my system and i already have that library, but with higher version. So the easiest way was making a symlink and yes, it worked big grin

Later on, i found out that the packages were already available on the Torrent networks, so i canceled the download and use Torrents instead of eMule. It's already finished now. Well, new experience i got with eMule in Slackware

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