Adobe Reader 8 Rocks

This morning, i installed Adobe Reader 8, replacing my previous version along with Pidgin (it's still compiling now). The installation process does not change at all. You extract the packages, ran the INSTALL script and it will ask you the installation directory. It's said that even though Adobe has offered you a default path (/opt), you should not press ENTER here. You should define your own path (even if you want to use /opt). I choose to set /opt/AdobeReader for my system.

After the installation, the script said that i should log out and login again in order to have the MIME changed, but i can start the application without having to re-login again. It will display a new window, called Beyond Acrobat Reader. This is very useful if you haven't used Adobe Acrobat before, so i checked the option to disable this at startup and close it. Next, you will have a problem with libgtkembedmoz library. This library shipped with Mozilla Seamonkey, so click on Edit > Preferences > Internet and set the directory where you install Mozilla SeaMonkey (it should be on /usr/lib/seamonkey-x.y.z). I also use this chance to set up my browsers to Firefox. When you are done, press OK and restart the application. Right now, Adobe will start caching your fonts to their internal cache in order to make it faster when rendering fonts.

So far, my impression is WOW. It has the similar interface like in Windows, so people won't have difficulties finding the same menu as the Windows' version (except for the preferences i guess). So far, Adobe has managed to make this apps available on Linux and Solaris. We are waiting for your next product to be available in this platform.

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