Upgrading KTorrent

Since i had some resource problem with KTorrent shipped with Slackware 12.0, i tried to have a look on the original site and i found out that they have released a newer version, 2.2.1. It's quite a big updates, so i'm curious to try this out. I grabbed the source code and also the Slackware's slackbuild code from Slackware repository and ran the Slackbuild to build a native Slackware packages.

The compilation process took some time to finished, but everything is working great afterward. They have redesign the GUI and it looks cleaner. You have two tabs for download and upload process, which is more convenient than having a single window showing all of them. The plugin window has also got a big renovation. They have GUI instead of text like in 2.1.4 version.

Here are some of the features that you will get in 2.2.x series:
Peer Exchange
IDEAl GUI style
RSS feeds plugin
WebGUI plugin
Faster downloading
Improved DHT
IP filter GUI
Statistics plugin

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