Streaming With MPlayer

When i'm using Windows, i usually use Winamp to do online streaming (i don't put any MP3 on my desktop so i can use the space). When i use Linux (Slackware), i don't have the similar application again. XMMS has been dropped out on Slackware 12.0 (even though i can recompile it again using the Slackbuild from 11.0 and it will definitely work. amaroK, the new default player is unable to do this functionality. So i tried to use MPlayer to do it and it's working. It has a feature to play Streaming via URL, so i opened up KaskusRadio, an Indonesian 24 hours online radio and grab the URL for the Winamp server and paste it on MPlayer and yes, it worked big grin

I use Alien Bob's MPlayer build and the only dependency packages is libdvdread, which can be grabbed on LinuxPackages

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