Pidgin Bugs

In the last few days, i often boot to my Linux system rather than my Windows. The reason is because it's faster than Windows to boot (since i'm running VMWare on my Windows and it's executed at startup). Besides, i can do my work on Linux, since i have OOo on Linux as well and my presentations was made by OOo Impress. In my daily activities, i usually runs Pidgin for my IM client. It runs very well, since i have been following the project from 0.9.x version.

Lately, Pidgin (or Yahoo, i don't know) has a serious bug, which prevents (some of) my friends get listed on my friend list. The strange thing is that it only affect two groups (QnAp Asia and Friends). The others were just fine and i can see them online or offline, but not with this two groups. When i looked at the detailed, there were a text "not in server list". I checked Pidgin's bug tracker and some people had this similar problems. The remedy they gave was to delete and re-add them. I tried, but it only works for few sessions, since after few days (or hours), it will turn back to the similar conditions. It's because Pidgin tried to re-write the blist.xml each time it connect to Yahoo server.

For now, probably i will use Kopete until the problem is fixed. It's quite annoying to have bugs like that, since you don't know whether your friend is online or offline (but not vice versa. They know your status).

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