Pidgin 2.1.0 Comes With UI Changes

I just browsed Pidgin and i found out that they have released 2.1.0, a big jump from their previous release, 2.0.2 (as far as i know). Since Slackware-Current development cycle has not started yet, it's impossible to expect an update to Pidgin, except when there's a security vulnerabilities, so i grab the Slackbuild script from Slackware 12.0 tree and i compile the latest Pidgin release and it worked like charm (i guess there hasn't been any major changes on the required library).

Sean Egan, in his post that were aggregated on Pidgin's Planet said that they have come with UI changes on this release as they receive lots of tickets that said that the UI in 2.0.2 is very bad and ugly. That's why i'm very curious about the changes and decided to have a look on it. Well, not all of the implementation is available on 2.1.0, so you must wait for some time before it gets into the main tree. But at least, we got bug fixes and some UI changes for now.

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