Liferea Is Back To My Slackware

I browsed Slackbuilds repository and i found an entry for Liferea, which was used to be my favorite RSS Reader in Linux. It's very simple and simplistic, just like Slackware. When i upgrade to Slackware-Current (which has turned into 12.0), i couldn't get it installed nor upgraded, due to missing packages (GConf2). I thought it was packages from GNOME series which has been dropped since 10.2, so i didn't try to look for it, because i thought it would bring me more problem than the advantage. So from that point, i started to use aKregator for some time.

But now, i am able to use Liferea again, thanks to Slackbuilds. I installed ORbit2 and GConf packages from Slackbuilds, and then i compile Liferea from source code and it's working. GREAT!!! Finally, Liferea is back to my Slackware. I imported feed list from a file which was exported by FeedReader and all of my RSS list is there. Now i am able to read news in RSS Reader again. Cool cool

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