KDE 4.0 Beta 1

KDE has launched their first beta to public and it's ready to be used by tester, developers, or people who wanted to help finding bugs or try out new things/technology that lies on the next major KDE release. Lots of changes have been made since last Alpha 2 version, back in July.

By releasing the first beta, it marks the beginning of the integration process which will bring the powerful new technologies included in the now frozen KDE 4 libraries to the applications. Here's the statement from KDE's Announcement:
Almost two months after the foundations of KDE 4 have been laid with the first alpha, KDE enters the stage of a full freeze of the library interface. From now on, the applications will focus on integrating the new technology refined during the last months, and the library developers will try to fix all bugs found during this process. No new applications will enter the official KDE modules and usability and accessibility work is of course an ongoing process. In the following weeks KDE developers will be able to add features to their applications until the next beta is released and the application features will be frozen as well.
You might want to check their announcement page for more detailed on the big changes, but if you want very detailed changes, then you will have to look on the SVN commit or wait for some news in the Dot KDE web page

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