Community Rocks

It all started from a discussion with few people. We were thinking to have a space where we can setup a planet application which can be used to aggregate our Blogs, mostly that are related to Slackware. First of all, i created id-slackware mailing list, using Google Groups. In this mailing list, we discussed about some domain name possibilities, and i created a pooling using Blogger's new feature on this blog. Most of the responders voted for, and finally Budi bought this domain and it is already up and running (well, it's not being setup yet, but you can see the small welcome text big grin)

In the next few days, we will start setting up the Planet and hopefully next week, we will have our new blog aggregators. Thanks to all of you who made this is possible. Without you, it would have just been a dream. Community Rocks!!!!

Update (30 August 2007 : 14:25): The site has been redirected to where the Planet application has been set up. Wiki will come up shortly. Enjoy...

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