Testing NTOP

After following a workshop few weeks ago with Onno W. Purbo, i wanted to try to install several applications, including NTOP, MRTG, Snort, and some more. Today, i managed to install one of them, NTOP. The installation was quick enough, since i got a simple instructions from Internet.

To install NTOP, you will need several other application as the dependencies:
- RRDTool
- Libpcap
- graphiz (optional)
- swig (optional)

Of course you will need to install the development packages, such as GCC, Automake, and Autoconf (there are probably more but i only list three of them to make this post short). Because you will need a library that could make an output of an image, you probably want to install libpng and libjpeg also.

First of all, install the dependency packages: rrdtool, libpcap, and graphiz. I don't install graphiz, because i got an error message when i run make, so i skipped graphiz, but it's still working since it's not a mandatory package, but i will miss a great display that graphiz is good at.

Next is the installation of the main program, NTOP. Since i build it from source, i just type the usual command, except for the first time, i had to run autogen.sh. I got an error which the configure program couldn't find the rrdtool home, so i had to run ./configure with a new parameter --with-rrdtool-home=/usr/local/rrdtool-1.2.23 and it worked. That's all. NTOP is now installed and you can test it using this command:
/usr/local/bin/ntop -i eth0 -d -w 3000

This will start ntop as a daemon and runs at port 3000 on your web server (somebody told me that NTOP has it's own web server, so you don't need Apache for this, but it's still recommended to install Apache if you want a fully working web server). From this on, you can monitor your client's usage and where do they browse everyday. Since i installed this on my laptop, i wouldn't get much advantage, but at least i know how to install NTOP on Slackware. Just in case i will be working as SysAdmin in the future (please note that i'm still having fun with my current job) cool

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