Installing Slackware 12.0 On My Desktop

Today i decided to try a fresh installation of Slackware 12.0 on my desktop. I have prepared an empty partition (10 GB) for this new installation since i brought a new HD for my desktop. The installation was quick, even though i choose most of the packages (i used expert menu for the installation which let me choose which packages i wanted to install manually).

After the installation was finished, i rebooted and this is when the nightmare comes. I had a kernel panic!!! I remember that i used the generic kernels which requires an initrd, but i don't think the installation has made it for me, so that's the reason. I tried to boot using the CD and mount the root partition and use chroot to change the root directory to make an initrd and i was success. But the problem didn't end there. I still had the kernel panic, so finally i decided to use huge kernel and it worked. It loads my system and i'm able to create a regular users.

Next, i tried to start the KDE and it worked, but my mouse didn't work, so i tried to setup the mouse, but failed. So i changed my mouse to USB (actually it's a USB mouse, but since there's an adapter which convert it to PS/2, i used it, but i guess this is the reason why it didn't work out, so i unplug it) and it worked big grin

So far, the main system has worked perfectly, but there are still some problems i had:
- Sound card is not detected, so my computer is mute for now
- Ethernet card is not detected, so i couldn't get online for now
- Kernel is not tunable (this is my personal problem, not related to Slackware)

Well, there are still a lot of homeworks to be done in the next few days, but for the beginning, it's quite OK, even though i have to deal with kernel panic (something i never had in the last two years) hehehehe

My suggestion for those who want to install Slackware 12.0: Use Huge kernels as it would make your life easier at the beginning. It's bloated (i know), but it's only for the start. When your system has been running well, try to tune the kernel to get better performance and remove unneeded modules.

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