Downloading Slackware 12.0 ISOs

Since last night (up to now), my computer is busy downloading Slackware 12.0 ISOs from GDS mirror. I have finished two of them (i only download the install disc) and in less than 15 minutes, i will have my third disc and i'm done downloading the ISOs and probably i should give my computer a little break after burning them into CD. I'm planning to install Slackware 12.0 on my desktop so i can see a fresh Slackware 12.0 installation, since my laptop already use Slackware-Current since two years ago and i never reinstall it.

Hopefully Ozzie will download the ISO as well into Indonesian Mirror and people will have faster access to the ISO rather than downloading from mirrors outside Indonesia.

Update (15:16): Download process is complete and now, i'm burning it to CD big grin

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