Coming Soon : Aggregator

A discussion in id-slackware mailing list was talking about a possibility to have a blog aggregator, using some kind of applications which can grab RSS/XML feed from other blog and save it on the database and then displays them on single page. Examples are Planet OpenSuSE Indonesia or Planet Ubuntu Indonesia. We are planning to have Planet Slackware Indonesia. We have several options here:
- Using as the main domain or
- Use new domain

Some people have been willing to donate for the domain and hosting, but i still prefer that we use what's already available and reduce redundancy. So, what do you think? Should we have or should we buy a new domain, like or

Other options is the application that we will use. We could have used PlanetPlanet or we could use a CMS and then installs a plugin which can works as an aggregator. WordPress and many other CMS have support them and all you have to do is just download and install the plugins.

We are still discussing it, so please be patients for now big grin

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