Friday, June 15, 2007

Slackware 12 RC1

Yeeey.... the time has come again and this time, it's not 11.1, but instead it will be called 12 RC1. Yes, Patrick Volkerding has released a HUGE bunch of updates which will reflect the next Slackware release. It's a collection of updated packages along with some tune up and bug fixing all around the packages. I don't know why Pat decided to skip 11.1 and 11.2 (probably due to the big changes introduced in Slackware-Current or because he wanted a new start).

A lot of packages has been included in this version, including cryptsetup, knemo, kvpnc, lzo, mcabber, mtr, openvpn, intel-wlan-ipw3945, and also Pidgin (revive from unsupported). I think that Slackware 12 will be a major steps towards being used desktop distro, since everything is ready and prepared for that. Take a look at inclusion of HAL and DBUS and also HAL-enabled KDE version. This brings auto mounting feature to Slackware, something i didn't thought to become available in Slackware ever (but now it becomes reality).

I'm downloading the packages right now and i will upgrade as soon as i have finished downloading all of the packages. Yipeee... Slackware rocks..