NVidia Driver 100.14.11

New NVidia driver has been released: 100.14.11 which add some GPU supports and also fixed a console restore problems in several different configurations: Quadro FX 4400 SLI, VESA console, and Notebook LCD displays. This new driver is only two weeks different from the previous driver.

I really hope that this driver will fix my problem. It's been hanging around for some time and earlier version couldn't fix it yet. The problem is that i couldn't get back to the console after i logged out from KDE. The screen became blur and the system hung. I couldn't do anything about it except using the power button to shut it down. When i saw the release note about the console restore problem, i really hope that this version is the gold version since 1.0-9631 (the last NVidia driver that worked on my laptop).

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