Apache 2 Is ON

Just now, i performed an upgrade to the Apache application on my system. Pat has introduced Apache 2 (called httpd in Slackware-Current) for some time, and i finally decided to upgrade to this version so it sync with the -Current. The upgrade was smooth (even though i found a little problem at the beginning, since the location of the configuration file has changed from /etc/apache to /etc/httpd and the DocRoot has been changed from /var/www/htdocs into /srv/httpd/www/htdocs. The configuration file is also being split into several files, so i have to look every of them.

When the Apache installation is finished, i continued by installing the latest PHP 5 application, 5.2.3 into my system. I used the same configuration parameter, except for the apxs parameter, which i should change to --with-apxs2, since i'm using Apache 2. Everything works just fine. One thing that quite shocked me is the default home page for Apache 2. It just displayed a word "It works" without any other content. Fiuhh... Apache 1 does better job on this confused

Well, at least the upgrade process is faster than i thought. I can start using Apache 2 today.

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