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Indonesian Mirror Updated

Thanks to Ozzie, Indonesian Mirror for Slackware has been updated to the latest version (RC2 is the most updated version at the time this post is posted). If you are planning to grab Slackware-Current and you are in Indonesian area, please consider using this mirror before using other mirrors, since it's connected to IIX, so it should be faster.

Slackware 12.0 RC2

Hey, it's RC2 now. We are getting close to Slackware 12.0 and this will be a great release, since Patrick Volkerding has decided to release a major release (12.0) instead of updates (11.1), which consists of big changes on the toolchain and also the default supported kernel series (2.6.x instead of 2.4.x). You will see a lot of improvements on this release compared to 11.0 which was released last October. Full Changelog will list all changes happening on RC2 since 11.0.

New Driver Didn't Work For Me

I have tried to upgrade to the latest NVidia driver version and hoping it will solve my console problem, but apparently, it's not. The bug i had still there and i had to downgrade to the 1.0-9631 version. I don't know why it's still there. Perhaps it will be fixed if i install a fresh installation of Slackware 12, since my laptop was 10.1 at the beginning and it evolve all the time as Slackware development cycle continues to release packages. Well... poor me

NVidia Driver 100.14.11

New NVidia driver has been released: 100.14.11 which add some GPU supports and also fixed a console restore problems in several different configurations: Quadro FX 4400 SLI, VESA console, and Notebook LCD displays. This new driver is only two weeks different from the previous driver.

I really hope that this driver will fix my problem. It's been hanging around for some time and earlier version couldn't fix it yet. The problem is that i couldn't get back to the console after i logged out from KDE. The screen became blur and the system hung. I couldn't do anything about it except using the power button to shut it down. When i saw the release note about the console restore problem, i really hope that this version is the gold version since 1.0-9631 (the last NVidia driver that worked on my laptop).

Upgraded to 12.0 RC1

I have just completed a big upgrades to 12.0 RC1 on my laptop. Everything works fine on my laptop (Huge thanks to Patrick Volkerding and all Slackware-crew who made this process easy and smoothly). I upgrade most of the packages (except for packages which i didn't use) and install most of the new packages introduced in this RC stage and do a kernel compilation (upgrade to manually) and it worked just like before, except that the packages has been upgraded with the latest version.

After seeing the Changelog, i didn't surprise to understand why the Changelog never gets an update. It's not because the team is stopping the development, but instead they test each package to ensure that it won't break anything and it did. So far, i didn't have any problems yet (and i don't plan to start with another problem), except for minor problem (LILO which requires dm-mod to be loaded before running /sbin/lilo or you will find a warning message).

Thank you again for Patr…

Slackware 12 RC1

Yeeey.... the time has come again and this time, it's not 11.1, but instead it will be called 12 RC1. Yes, Patrick Volkerding has released a HUGE bunch of updates which will reflect the next Slackware release. It's a collection of updated packages along with some tune up and bug fixing all around the packages. I don't know why Pat decided to skip 11.1 and 11.2 (probably due to the big changes introduced in Slackware-Current or because he wanted a new start).

A lot of packages has been included in this version, including cryptsetup, knemo, kvpnc, lzo, mcabber, mtr, openvpn, intel-wlan-ipw3945, and also Pidgin (revive from unsupported). I think that Slackware 12 will be a major steps towards being used desktop distro, since everything is ready and prepared for that. Take a look at inclusion of HAL and DBUS and also HAL-enabled KDE version. This brings auto mounting feature to Slackware, something i didn't thought to become available in Slackware ever (but now it becomes r…

New Stable Kernel

-Stable team has released a new stable kernel, dubbed which has numerous patches to fix problems after the last version. LWN has a detailed list along with the diffstats, so check it out if you want human-readable version rather than the Changelog itself. Go get the now.

NVidia Driver Updates

NVidia has released an update to their Linux Driver: 100.14.09. This new driver has improvements other than GPU supports. Here's the full list of the new highlights on this release:
* Adds support for new GPUs:
o GeForce 8600 GTS
o GeForce 8600 GT
o GeForce 8600M GT
o GeForce 8600M GS
o GeForce 8500 GT
o GeForce 8400 GS
o GeForce 8400M GT
o GeForce 8400M GS
o GeForce 8400M G
o GeForce 8300 GS
o Quadro FX 1600M
o Quadro FX 570M
o Quadro FX 360M
o Quadro NVS 320M
o Quadro NVS 140M
o Quadro NVS 135M
o Quadro NVS 130M
* Adds support for Quadro FX 4600 G-Sync and Quadro FX 5600 G-Sync boards.
* Improved notebook GPU support.
* Improved RenderAccel support for subpixel antialiased fonts.
* Added XV brightness and contrast controls for GeForce 8 GPUs.
* Improved interaction with newer Linux kernels.
* Fixed a locale-…

Apache 2 Is ON

Just now, i performed an upgrade to the Apache application on my system. Pat has introduced Apache 2 (called httpd in Slackware-Current) for some time, and i finally decided to upgrade to this version so it sync with the -Current. The upgrade was smooth (even though i found a little problem at the beginning, since the location of the configuration file has changed from /etc/apache to /etc/httpd and the DocRoot has been changed from /var/www/htdocs into /srv/httpd/www/htdocs. The configuration file is also being split into several files, so i have to look every of them.

When the Apache installation is finished, i continued by installing the latest PHP 5 application, 5.2.3 into my system. I used the same configuration parameter, except for the apxs parameter, which i should change to --with-apxs2, since i'm using Apache 2. Everything works just fine. One thing that quite shocked me is the default home page for Apache 2. It just displayed a word "It works" without any other …