Monday, May 14, 2007

NVidia Logo Came Back

Yesterday, i upgrade my Slackware packages to the latest batch updates of -Current. Before i started my X Window, i tried to look on the xorg.conf and see the default Depth and it was using 16. I remember one of NVidia's developers reply to my email about the bug i had with NVidia driver newer than 1.0-9631 that was causing the screen to became blurred when i logged out from KDE. They told me to change the default depth to 24, but i haven't tried that again and this time, i tried it and voila.... the NVidia logo re-appeared again (it was missing after i upgraded to -Current due to XOrg upgrades). So if you have problems like i do (Missing NVidia logo at the startup), try to change the default depth to 24 and hopefully it will fix your problem.