Auto Mounting on Slackware

Remember Big Updates i wrote yesterday? Well, this post is the next part of the updates. Since Pat includes HAL on the last updates, i was wondering, whether the auto mount feature will be available on Slackware-Current (Since auto mount needs KDE to be recompiled with HAL being enabled), so today i upgraded my system to the latest batch updates, compiling the latest kernel, and also testing the auto mount feature. Guess what? It's finally ON. Slackware is now officially has auto mounting feature (at least in Slackware-Current, but when it will be released, it will be official by that time).

I tried to plug my portable HD and wait for a few seconds and new window popped up and asking me what should the system do with it? It's automatically mounted on /media/sda1. The same goes to CDROM and also USB Flash Drives. Everything worked like a charm. One thing you should remember that if you want to use the auto mounting feature, you will have to edit your /etc/fstab entry and comment the CDROM and Flash Drive line, or else this entry will be used instead of the auto mount feature, since HAL respects /etc/fstab entry and if it exists, it will use the fstab rather than doing an auto mount.

Well, auto mount is a nice technology, but it may cause problems also. Since it's mounted automatically by the system, it doesn't mean that you can unmount it easily. When i used my fstab,i could mount/unmount my devices using my normal account, but since i used HAL, i had to switch to root user to unmount the devices, since it's not listed in fstab. Also when i looked the disk usage by typing df, i saw a negative value for my portable HD, which should not be there.

I don't know whether i should use HAL or use the old ways. For CDROM, perhaps i will continue to use HAL, but for removables devices, such as portable HD or USB Flash Drive, probably i will stick with the old methods (using an alias to mount/unmount them). It gives me a safety up to now.

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