Kernel's -Stable team has released to public and it contains quite a lot of patches compared to the previous One of them is the SiS900 bug which caused PV was forced to patch the kernel manually (he seldom gave patches to the source, unless it's very critical and causing problems to the users). For full changes, please see the Changelog. I'm downloading it now and i will upgrade to this version when i had some time in the next few days (along with other Slackware-Current updates which i haven't installed, including configuring my system for new Apache 2 package. I'm waiting for PV to release MySQL 5.0.41 before i upgrade my Apache 2, since i will recompile my PHP and use the latest MySQL version on one step).

Update (25 May 2007 09:41AM): This version has been superseded by which has been released short after release after the -Stable team fix 1 problem with GEODE-AES.

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