KSlackCheck Synced to Current

When Slackware-Current began a month ago, there was big changes in many packages, including KDE's prefix path, which was changed from /opt into /usr. This makes many application that relies on KDE's library will mostly need to be recompiled in order to work properly again. One of the package that got affected is KSlackCheck. This is a Slackware information tool which can synchronize with any Slackware mirrors to check whether there has been an update to Slackware or not (and even download them if you specify it to download the packages in the configuration file). For some time, i removed the package since it hasn't been recompiled with the new KDE path, but now Mangus has fix this application and give it an update (only 2 fixes in the latest version though):
ver 3.5.1 [BigMove]

- According to new -current layout, kde binaries and stuff are moved to /usr no /opt anymore, this would work in official slackware releases too, though..

- Fix for proxy connection, now we try to find proxy settings in wgetrc and for now default mode is proxy connection _without_ authentication To obtain authentication just set new value in PROXYAUTH in kslackcheck.conf
By using this new version, i now able to view Slackware-Current's changelog via KSlackCheck. Nice...

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