Changing All The Time

KDE packages has got another changes for it's sysconfdir option. This first changes to KDE happened when Pat introduces KDE 3.5.6 into Slackware-Current, back in February. At that time, this is the changes:
Note: KDE is now being built with --prefix=/usr, not --prefix=/opt/kde.

The second changes was in April:
Changed --sysconfdir from /usr/etc to /etc/X11.

And the latest changes is here:
Recompiled with --sysconfdir=/etc/kde.

And the result is that i have to redownload all of KDE's packages and still there is no guarantee that it will be fixed until the final release of Slackware 11.1. It might change again, or perhaps upgraded to KDE 3.5.7 or even KDE 4.0 (but i doubt this, since KDE 4 schedule is not yet fixed and still a lot of improvements needed to make smoother upgrade). Well, that's the risk when you are following Slackware-Current. It will keep changing until Pat thinks it's ready to ship and meet the public :D

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