GPA 3 Is Here

The next Alpha version of the Firefox release (codename Gran Paradiso) is published by Mozilla team with some new features and also changes:
* Animated PNG (APNG) images are now supported.

* The DOM clientLeft and clientTop attributes are now supported.

* Introduced support for <link rel="offline-resource">, which puts resources into the browser's offline cache. This allows a web application to ensure that its resources are available in the cache when the browser goes into offline mode. See Marking Resources for Offline Use for further details on offline support.

* Improved precision of layout and scaling across a wide range of screen and printer resolutions.

* Implemented cycle collection in XPCOM, which detects cases where two released objects hold one another, but neither is held by anyone else. In this scenario, both objects can safely be purged. Previously, the holds each has on the other would have prevented them from being purged.

* Added support for the HttpOnly cookie attribute, which marks a cookie as readable only by the server and not by client-side scripts.

* Added a new preference, "Warn me when web sites try to redirect or reload the page", which notifies the user when the page specifies HTTP-EQUIV=refresh.
Some of the changes in Alpha versions of Gecko 1.9 affect the web and platform compatibiltity of Gran Paradiso Alpha 3. For detailed information about changes in Gecko 1.9 and Gran Paradiso, please read these pages:
* Gecko 1.9 Changes affecting websites
* Firefox 3 for developers

Gran Pradiso Alpha 3 Release Note

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