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Java 6 Update 1

Java Development Kit 6 has been updated with JDK 6u1 (Update 1) which includes bug fixes for US Daylight Savings Time problems and also some other problems listed in their Release Note. Since i'm not in a good place to have good Internet connection, i don't think i can download this right now. I'll have to wait until i get better Internet connection or when i returned back to Jakarta. I may have a lot of pending application to be downloaded in the future :D

Inkscape 0.45.1 Released

Inkscape has been upgraded to the 0.45.1 version which is a bug fix version (including security vulnerabilities). Here's the changes compared to the original 0.45 version:
* Patch [ 1667939 ]: fix crash when tile-tracing with too small clones
* Patch [ 1666532 ]: Broken link in inkview man page
* Patch [ 1665447 ]: fix for the blur quantization bug 1617082
* Patch [ 1664849 ]: fix for 1662589: increase blur margins
* Patch [ 1664004 ]: with fixed search order
* Patch [ 1662649 ]: markers.svg with reversed order
* Crudely improve check-markup for { markup, fix translations with bugs in that area (dz and zh_TW).
* Patch [ 1659404 ]: Set locale directory from environment variable
* Patch [ 1657072 ]: fix for bug 1654495
* Patch [ 1654636 ]: defocus dropper checkboxes
* Adding japanese.nsh and russian.nsh into files that should go into the release tarball
* Correct russian translation
* Patch [ 1651797 ]: fix for attributes when sav…

GPA 3 Is Here

The next Alpha version of the Firefox release (codename Gran Paradiso) is published by Mozilla team with some new features and also changes:
* Animated PNG (APNG) images are now supported.

* The DOM clientLeft and clientTop attributes are now supported.

* Introduced support for <link rel="offline-resource">, which puts resources into the browser's offline cache. This allows a web application to ensure that its resources are available in the cache when the browser goes into offline mode. See Marking Resources for Offline Use for further details on offline support.

* Improved precision of layout and scaling across a wide range of screen and printer resolutions.

* Implemented cycle collection in XPCOM, which detects cases where two released objects hold one another, but neither is held by anyone else. In this scenario, both objects can safely be purged. Previously, the holds each has on the other would have prevented them from being purged.

* Added suppo…

Full of Questions in LQ

Slackware forums at LinuxQuestions is now being filled with questions related to Slackware-Current as Patrick Volkerding has started to publicize the Slackware-Current development process in order to get the next release of Slackware 11.1. Many things has changed in Slackware-Current and it will likely to do so until it will be finalized in the 11.1 release. I also had some problems when upgrading to current, but now it's fixed with some of them are still pending, but it's not a major problem (most of them are minor).

So if you have problem related to Slackware-Current, please make sure you have searched all of the forums, since most of them will likely have been asked by others as well.

Slackware-Current Is Back

Finally, after some time of hiding the -current changelog, finally it's back again with BUNCH of application updates and also several changes. Don't be surprised if you see the -current changelog as it has listed so many changes there and i guess i should start downloading the packages :D (it will take some time to finish all of them actually)

New Wine Package

Newer version of Wine application has arrived with bunch of updates. Here's the main changelog:
* Many Direct3D fixes and performance improvements.
* More comctl32 tests and some bug fixes.
* Compatibility improvements in cmd.exe.
* Still more fixes to builtin OLE.
* Support for process control on Solaris.
* Lots of bug fixes.

I have been using Wine for few weeks and i have tested some Windows application on my Slackware system and the result was magnificent. Some programs could run smoothly without any regression, and some did have some little glitch, but as overall, it's getting better on each release of Wine. The developer did a great job to improve Wine on every release.

Amarok 2.0: What Do You Think?

KDE Dot News has written an article about Amarok 2.0 Development which will be available after KDE 4 arrives (we don't know when it will arrive at this moment, so let's just be patient). Just like the other component of KDE, Amarok will have a UI changes, due to new library (Qt 4) as well as engine changes, and so on. Most of the comments on the page was about the UI changes and i agrees with some of the posters. In my opinion, current Amarok UI is better then the future UI (take a look of current Amarok screenshot and compare it to future Amarok screenshot). What do you think? Which one is better?

Bunch of Slackware Updates

Patrick Volkerding has released a bunch of packages updates which is classified as security fixes in -stable tree. Here's the complete changelog:

Wed Mar 7 17:57:50 CST 2007
n/gnupg-1.4.7-i486-1_slack11.0.tgz: Upgraded to gnupg-1.4.7.
This fixes a security problem that can occur when GnuPG is used incorrectly.
Newer versions attempt to prevent such misuse.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

x/x11-6.9.0-i486-12_slack11.0.tgz: Patched.
This update fixes overflows in the dbe and render extensions. This could possibly be exploited to overwrite parts of memory, possibly allowing malicious code to execute, or (more likely) causing X to crash.
For information about some of the security fixes, see:
(* Security fix *)


New NVidia Driver

Some people thought that NVidia might release 100.xx.xx version, but in fact, they released another update for 1.0-xxxx version, which is 1.0-9755 and this version does not add any improvements at all, except for new support for new NVIdia cards (like stated in the release highlight):
* Added support for Quadro FX 4600 and Quadro FX 5600
* Added initial support for NVIDIA SLI with GeForce 8800, Quadro FX 4600, and Quadro FX 5600