Shinny New Slackware

Finally i decided my mind to re-install my Slackware on my PC because i forgot what updates that i have made to this version, because it has 10.1 as the base version and i always follow the -current tree for some time, and when Slackware 11.0 comes out, i still left it behind and use Windows in most of my time in Jogja, but things changed, so my PC needs some changes also. I have postponed this upgrade for several times, so i think this is the best time to upgrade it.

The installation was very quick and simple as usual. Slackware in my opinion is the simplest Linux distribution since it's menu-based installer provide simple and meaningful information for the users (as long as they are willing to read them and follow the instructions given). Maybe the interface is not as good as other distribution who has migrate to GUI-based interface, but it's definitely slacky and very fast.

I used the default interface at boot prompt (only pressing ENTER), so it installed kernel rather than 2.6.17.x version. If you want to use the 2.6.x kernel, you should use huge26.s at boot prompt. But that's only a matter of time, since you will have chance to install the 2.6.x kernel later on when the installation process is finished. When all packages has been installed, then you were given a chance to create new users. Use this chance to create ordinary account for your daily activities.

The first thing i did after the installation was installing the updates after Slackware 11.0 released. I managed to download some of them, but some of the big ones were skipped, such as SeaMonkey updates. After that, i start installing some application that i used regularly and also some KDE accessories, such as Moodin Splash Screen and Icons. The last thing that i did was installing the latest kernel available, In fact, i compiled the kernel simultaneously with compiling wxGTK 2.8.0 and PHP 5.2.0 and everything worked perfectly.

I had a small problem when i tried to install the latest NVidia driver. When i start the graphical screen, the font was very HUGE. I had tried to set DisplaySize variable on the xorg.conf, but it won't fixed it, so for now, i just set to use nv driver instead of nvidia and it worked perfectly. I won't use this PC to play 3D games also, so using nv is adequate for me.

Well, that's my experience of installing Slackware 11.0 from scratch.

Conclusion: Slackware 11.0 is more mature than previous version and still becomes my favorite Linux distribution.

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