Opera 9.1 Released

After working with several builds, finally Opera 9.1 is released by Opera Team. This release fix some problems and also add more support, which can be seen below:

User interface
* Fixed handling of access keys on Web pages with frames.

Mail, messaging, and newsfeeds
* Fixed an instability connected with delayed entry of the Master password.
* Deleting of newsfeeds in the panel now both unsubscribes and deletes.

Display and scripting
* Improved performance for elements with both :focus and :hover.
* Fixed an issue with opacity on links that have images nested within them.

* New Fraud Protection feature (a phishing filter).
* Changed Wand data to a new format. The upgrade to this new format is not reversible.

* Multiple stability issues solved, including crashes on Gmail and Google Maps.
* Changed the Mozilla User Agent string to include Firefox identification.
* Improved handling of Web site logins on slow connections.
* Cancellation of torrent downloads now functions as expected.

UNIX-specific changes
* Fixed smooth scrolling.
* Flash 9 beta support for Linux.
* Implemented support for Linux plug-ins on FreeBSD.
* When masking as Internet Explorer, the platform is masked as Windows XP.
* Fixed an issue where floating point numbers were treated as integers on some Linux systems

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