Merge Window Closed

Linus has closed the merge window session and it means that the new big changes are no longer accepted for the next 2.6.20 kernel release. For now, the biggest changes is the new support for PS3 gaming console and also some support for kdump and KVM. Initial entry for the development cycle for 2.6.20 can be seen in the KernelNewbies and also the long-format Changelog.

Besides the main 2.6.20 kernel, there's also an update to the 2.4.x kernel by Willy Tarreau. He released as well as 2.4.34-RC2. It's not as intensive as 2.6.x kernel, but it's still being maintained very well, but don't expect new hardware support, since it may be better to use 2.6.x for better hardware detection/support rather than using 2.4.x.

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