Welcome to 2 New Kernels

Please welcome and 2.4.34-pre5, the latest kernel series that has been uploaded to main kernel repository site. It has been a while since the last update for 2.4.x series, but it's still going on and it's getting more stable and mature as it only contains bug fixes and not adding new features, suitable for servers. The Changelog will provide you with the information about the development of 2.4.x kernel series.

Meanwhile, the latest -stable kernel also have been released. Most of the updates are backported from 2.6.19-RC4 development tree and it contains quite a lot long list. Long-Format Changelog will list all changes.

Yesterday i have downloaded the latest -stable kernel and also upgrading it. It worked well and no major problems been discovered up to now. In the next 2-3 weeks, perhaps i will need to recompile my kernel again since 2.6.19 may come out if there's no major problems that can cause delays.

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