If you always opened a lot of application and you want to have a cool visual effect while switching to each application, then you can use Skippy to help you. It's not as cool as XGL, but it's better than the default behaviors. You can look the screen shot below.

Screen shot 1
Screen shot 2

Taken from Skippy's official website:

Skippy depends on:
* An X11R6 server
* Xft - the X Font library
* Imlib2 (only for 'regular' Skippy, not skippy-XD)
* XRender, XComposite, XDamage and XFixes extensions (only for Skippy-XD)
* A NETWM or GNOME WM Specs compliant window-manager.

So far, it's been sucessfully tested using OpenBox-3.2, Fluxbox-0.9.9 (thanks daelstorm!), XFWM4 (thanks SeeSchloss!), Metacity (thanks SmackleFunky!), WindowMaker (thanks SuperBFG7), IceWM (thanks Tomasz Torcz), PekWM (thanks Josh Chaney), Waimea (thanks Gad 'make-up-your-mind' Kadosh) and KWin (no, BlackBox and ion aren't supported).

Note: if you want to use skippy with WindowMaker, make sure WindowMaker is compiled with gnome support.

Another note: If you use KDE, Skippy might have trouble grabbing the F11 key. You can make it bind to a different key in the config file (see the skippyrc-default file that's in the tarball). Scroll_Lock is reported to work (thanks Dmitriy!).

Because of the way standard X11 works, Skippy has to raise all windows before it can take a snapshot. If there's something that obscures the window (like a window in a layer above it), Skippy won't be able to make a snapshot correctly.

Skippy-XD is a version of Skippy that uses the new XDamage, XComposite and XFixes extensions (found in's Xserver project) to provide you with 'live' versions of the windows. Exciting, isn't it?

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